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‘A Dream of Home’ is a window installation that brings to life a Caribbean scenery that is an escape reality.

 It challenges our association with Caribbean imagery while using elements that speak to a collective Caribbean experience. The dream depicts a dream of wash day in a backyard that has concrete blocks, a latrine or outhouse, jucking board and basin, a skinned football and a clothes line. 



Outhouse or Latrine: 

An outdoor toilet 

that was common in Caribbean backyards before indoor

plumbing. It is usually made of 

extra galvanize. 


Breeze Block:

Breeze blocks

are popular in Caribbean 

and are used in the Architecture Design.

Some times extra blocks end up lying around the premises after construction.

conc blcok.png
Jucking board.png

Concrete Blocks: 

Extra concrete blocks are used to make steps and other informal structures around some Caribbean Homes.

Jucking Board and Wash Basin: These are what was typically used to wash clothes before washing machines. Some Caribbean people still use these for washing.


Clothes Line: 

With 30 Degrees who needs a dryer? One big part of Caribbean Culture is making sure to take clothes off the line when the rain looks like its 'set up' to fall. 

Skinned Football (soccer) : 

A skinned football is a common ball in the neighbourhood. The heat and friction from playing the game in the road gives it a rough sheared appearance. 


Zoe Osborne - Barbados

Zoe is a virtual and physical interior designer from Barbados. Her work has a focus on Caribbean symbolism and narratives with an exploration in homesickness in the Caribbean Diaspora.

Ayanna Nash  - Tobago

I am a landscape designer & builder who defines perimeters and landscape areas that foster a culture of sustainable innovation, community engagement, biodiversity and respect. I transform conceptual ideas into spatial designs and realities.

Fxrstnxme - Barbados

A musician/sample maker from Barbados that has a passion for artistic pieces and architecture

Nya-Krystien Greene - Bahamas

Nya-Krystien Greene is passionate about the creative arts and utilizing artistic expression to create innovative designs that perform as not only functional but, emotive spaces that enhance everyday life. She is a recent Ryerson University - School of Interior Design graduate.

Mahogany Culture

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